Greenergy specially produce in LED Mirror Light Series, LED Bathroom Mirror Light Series, LED Makeup Mirror Light Series, LED Dressing Mirror Light Series, LED Mirror Cabinet etc.

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Specializes in satisfying customers’ needs through researching, manufacturing and marketing LED Mirror lights.
Our Factory have metal laser cutting machine,automatic bending machine, automatic welling and polishing machine, glass laser machine, special-shaped edging machine, laser sand-punching machine, glass automatic slicing machine, glass grinding machine, Besides, Greenergy have CE, ROHS, UL, ERP certificate, issued by Top Testing Labs like TUV, SGS, UL.

  • Exporting countries

    Exporting countries
  • Huge factory floor space

    Huge factory floor space
  • Enterprise employees

    Enterprise employees


Greenergy Lighting is your trustable partner, who offer products and services designed to solve the requirements for you in an effective and practical way. We know about the competitiveness in our business,and offer the best solutions to you according to your market and distribution channels.

At Greenergy, innovation is our DNA, Overtake the demand of the market and offering solutions to the trends that prevail in our business.

LED Bathroom Mirror Light

LED Bathroom Mirror Light

Led Fitting

Led Fitting



Promote the development of production and operation

  • Exporting countries


    Exporting countries

  • MOQ 10PCS

    MOQ 10PCS

  • Shipping speed up to 3 days

    Shipping speed up to 3 days

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